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The FTDC staff are happy to assist UM faculty, staff, and TAs with issues related to software and hardware. We provide support for Blackboard, Panopto, Test Scoring, Faculty Activity Reports, Course Materials Management, and other applications that run on the University's campuswide systems. The best way to reach us is by email. All Blackboard or Panopto related questions should be addressed to blackboard@ihcsfresno.com. Any other request for assistance can be directed to ftdc@ihcsfresno.comDự đoán xổ số vuông. Additionally, you can call 662-915-7918 and speak to an FTDC student worker weekdays between 8:00am and Noon. FTDC Staff are also available for

The FTDC lab, located in Weir Hall, is closed to walk-in traffic during the Fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. If you need access to any of the special equipment or services, such as video digitization or document/slide scanning, please call to make an appointment for a student worker to assist you with these tasks.

IT Services Overview for New Faculty Orientation

The slidesDự đoán xổ số vuông from IT's presentation during New Faculty Orientation are now available.

is available for students as a free download for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Download it today, and take Blackboard with you wherever you go. Instructors can also take advantage of the .

and sign in with your WebID and password. Once you have logged in this way you will have a licensed Zoom account with the ability to host up to 300 participants for an unlimited length of time. If you have any trouble or if you have any questions, you can contact zoom@ihcsfresno.com.

Faculty who have not already done so can go to the MyOleMiss portal (Web ID authentication is required) and activate their UM Gmail accounts. A UM Gmail account is required to access this service. It can take up to half an hour to process this request.

Dự đoán xổ số vuôngFaculty may wish to log-in to their UM Google accounts and perform some brief experiments, learning the controls of the system and setting up any system permissions that may be needed on their computers.

To get to Google Meet, log in to your go.ihcsfresno.com account and then go to . A Quick Start Guide is also available.

Secure, Online File Sharing and Storage Available through Box.com

Box.com is a secure, online file sharing and storage service. Content on Box can be accessed from your computer and through iPad, iPhone and Android devices via the Box app. Box is a good resource for storing and sharing files, authoring content, and encouraging collaboration. All current UM faculty, staff, and students are provided a free Box account with 1 TB of storage space.

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